1. #magical
    Photo cred: @maya_rama

  2. #peacocklife

  3. Post-work peacocking

  4. 🍕❤️🍕❤️🍕
    #pizzalife #newjob

  5. Can I tell you that you are the purple in me?

  6. Labor Day river jams

  7. NOLA’s very own Powerpuff Girls #superheroes #haircults
    Photo cred: @sirdemo

  8. Meet Dude Brignac, my Venus Flytrap child. #dormfam

  9. @_elyn came to visit and took this cool photo of me and my nook.

  10. #margmonday (at Juan’s Flying Burrito LGD)

  11. #luxurious

  12. "You look like the Little Mermaid gone punk."-Dani.
    Exactly what I was going for.

  13. Pirate & Mermaid luv #cheeseballs

  14. Thanks to the awesome men in my life for helping me make my new nook. #tentlife

  15. Sometimes you can convince yourself that you’re fine on your own, that you don’t know you actually need someone, until they’re helping you stay afloat. Thank you for never letting me sink. #tbt #march